07 Aug

What Happens when a Bird Makes Your Home Theirs?

Some times in life, we find ourselves with birds that are roosting in roofs, singles, panels, or other areas that no bird should be living in. It’s not uncommon for these birds to present themselves and make their selves at home in areas around our homes. Some birds come and go, but some stay for long periods of time and decided that your home is now their home. When this happens, it’s important to contact professional bird control companies to remove the animals safely.

There are many ways that a bird control company can remove a bird. Some set traps and some find the location of the nest and secure it along with other birds that are there making it a home. No matter the manner of removal, if it is not done safely then you are putting the bird and yourself in danger of injury. No one wants that, no one. In some cases, the removal of the bird can take as little as an hour or less but in cases of a mass infestation, it might take a few days or up to a week. It all really depends on how the birds react. Some birds will fly away at the sign of danger and others will fight back to protect their home and land. No matter which way, a control company has experts that will be able to deal with any scenario that the birds put their way.

After the birds are removed, they are usually taken to a wildlife reserve or to a more wooded area as a “catch and release.” Doing this ensures that they do not come back to your home as a pest and that they are able to survive in an area that they are more suited to live in. Wooded areas and reserves offer endless food and and areas for the birds to thrive.

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