23 Jan

My Old Standy is out of the Country

I once knew someone who was able to do all kinds of work because he went to a couple of trade schools. I even had him install my old air conditioner some years ago because he was a more affordable option than any company that I could find at the time. Unfortunately, he moved away to another country with his wife, and I haven’t talked to him in a while. My air conditioner needed repairs one day, and I looked for a company to do AC repair in Brooklyn because I couldn’t exactly call my friend and ask him to come from another country just to fix my air conditioner.

My search through various websites and rankings from different customers lead me to a local company that specializes in doing air conditioner and heating work. This company had been around for a while, so I knew that if I hired them, they wouldn’t be going away any time soon. I’ve heard horror stories about some people who have hired companies to do their work, only for those companies to go away after a year or less, leaving them looking for someone else to do any work on their systems when something goes wrong with them.

The local company was able to come to my home on the weekend at my request. I needed them to come on the weekend because I wouldn’t be at home during the weekdays due to my job. I wished that I could have worked from home and let the company in during the week, but my boss wouldn’t let me do it. The company was able to do the repair work within an hour. They took some broken parts out of the air conditioner and put new ones in that made it run like a charm.